Lighting Design in DIALux EVO
From Beginner to Pro

Author's online course from lighting designer Artem Voronov. With this course you will not only learn the functionality of the program, but also learn how to create a thoughtful lighting design.

Course starts 15.12.2020
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Course results

In our online courses, we always bring students to the results
You will do
Interior lighting project for your portfolio, which will be demonstrated to your client or employer
You will learn
Professionally design lighting in DIALux EVO
You will learn
How to work with modern lighting fixtures in interior lighting
You will do
The arrangement of light fixtures on the plan for the subsequent installation and implementation of your project
You will make
Specification of lighting equipment for a commercial quotation for your client
You will do
A professional lighting design that will convince your customer to choice proper lighting fixtures

Students works

Students are trained from scratch to a professional user
Online course format
- A unique course from Artem Voronov, created on the needs of the modern market of lighting design industry and students feedback

- The course consists of 8 modules.

- The course is held on a special online platform where you can receive feedback from teachers.

- More than 130 video lessons with homework. Take lessons at your convenience.
12 hours of practical knowledge. During the course, you complete your homework to consolidate the material.

- Access to the platform is provided for 180 days.
The acquired skills will allow you not only to work in the program, but also to create a thoughtful lighting design that customers like

Who are our courses for?

Architects and Interior Designers
Light is a powerful tool for creating a comfortable environment. Get design skills for innovative lighting. This will help you take your projects to a new level of quality.
Lighting and Electrical Sales Managers
Master the skills of working with modern technologies to get interesting projects and new customers
Lighting Manufacturers
Learn about current trends and challenges in architectural lighting. This will improve your communication with the customer and attract new orders.
Electrical engineers
Get structured knowledge that will help you work confidently and methodically solve creative tasks.
Business owners
Improve the professional skills of your employees to motivate them to work in an interesting profession.

Online Course Program

Module 1. The program interface. Building basic geometry. Consulting calculation of lighting.
You will learn the interface of the DIALux EVO program. Learn to work in the program. Build the basic geometry of the room and learn how to make a consulting calculation of lighting, to assess the illumination, in order to convince the client in making a decision on the choice of lighting devices.

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 2. Creating complex room geometry. Elements of the room. Cornice backlight. Work with shadow objects.
Create complex room geometry. Learn how to work with objects and shadowing elements in DIALux EVO. Learn all the nuances and subtleties of working with the elements of the room to create the correct calculation. Design a cornice backlight. Master the work with multi-level ceilings.

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 3. Lighting in DIALux EVO
You will learn how to work with photometric files of fixtures in the program DIALux EVO. Create your own lamp. Place decorative and accent lamps in your project, and also learn about the modern approach to decorative lighting in the style of minimalism.

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 4. Functional lighting. Settlement objects. Detailing using materials.
You will learn how to arrange functional lighting in such a way that there is enough light to perform a specific visual task. Work out the materials and textures. Place the calculated objects in the model in such a way that they are correctly displayed in the results. As a result, you will learn how to calculate the required amount of light to justify the choice of lighting devices.

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 5. Working with 3d models in DIALux EVO. Architectural layer backlight. A simple design of facade lighting.
Master the work with complex 3d models in DIALux EVO. Learn how to correctly import models so that the visualization of an object looks more realistic and interesting. Do the design of facade lighting on the imported 3d model of the building in DIALux EVO. Learn how to correctly export 3d models from SketchUp to work correctly in DIALux EVO

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 6. Lighting scenes. Rendering Daylight. Energy efficiency.
Learn how to arrange fixtures in groups to create scenes according to customer requests in DIALux EVO. Calculate energy consumption and energy costs. Learn how to work with dimmers in DIALux EVO

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 7. Exporting the calculation in .pdf format for sending to the client.
In this module, you will learn how to create a view of your object. Set up the export of documentation and create a pdf file with the calculation of lighting in order to send this file to the customer.

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Module 8. Arrangement of lighting devices. Create a specification. We form an archive of data for sending to the customer.
Create the arrangement of lighting fixtures. Form a specification with lighting fixtures. Write a letter to the customer with a description of the concept. Form the final data archive, which you send to the client.

See the process (video in Russian, we are working on English version)
Course cost
8 Modules. from 15.09.2020 - 1̶5̶0̶$̶
Access to the educational platform is issued for 180 days.

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Before 15.09.2020 course cost is 35$

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Course Author
Lighting designer, teacher. He worked for iGuzzini Illuminazione, Philips Lighting and Viabizzuno. Over 9 years of experience in the field of lighting design and lighting engineering. Lecturer in Lighting Design at the HSE School of Design and School of Lighting Design. Author of online courses and corporate trainings in lighting design and DIALux EVO

Signed completed projects of the course teachers:

Landscape lighting of 250 Moscow yards, concepts of facade lighting of some building facades on Taganskaya Street and Ryazansky Prospekt, technical, consulting and adaptation of the design of the lighting project from Skira International Bureau for interior and exterior lighting of the tower Transneft office evolution, lighting design for premium showrooms in Moscow and St. - Petersburg manufacturer of ceramic tiles Kerama Marazzi and many others.
Companies whose employees have trained with us

Fagerhult, BL Group, Heliocity, SWG Group, 500 Lux, SVTR, Arlight, Artligh, LightHouse, Duplex Appartment, Салон "Светильники" на Ордынке, Regenbogen, Bright Buro and many others.

What are the benefits of our online courses?

A community of like-minded people on your subject
Support and mentoring in project development
Your knowledge is converted into profit

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